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When you purchase PONDS 3.3, you will receive the following items by mail:
  • HASP HL hardware lock which is required to run the PONDS 3.3 APPLICATION SUITE
  • Download instructions

The PONDS 3.3 installation files can be downloaded at the Devo Engineering website. Users should download the following file from the Software Downloads section of the website:


This zip file contains two individual files needed to run PONDS. They are:

- PONDS 3.3 Application Suite.msi
- HASPUserSetup.exe

This zip file contains two individual files needed to run PONDS. They are:

PONDS 3.3 Application Suite.msi is the installation routine for the PONDS 3.3 program files. Before installing the PONDS 3.3 program files, it is recommended that you uninstall any existing version of the PONNDS 3.3 program, then install the latest version. Note: the PONDS 3.3 software is periodically updated and users are encouraged to check for updates.

HASPUserSetup.exe installs the device drivers for the HASP HL hardware lock. In general, these files only need to be installed once, when the program is first installed. If you are updating an existing PONDS 3.3 installation, you will not normally need to reinstall these device drivers each time you update the PONDS 3.3 program files. (However, if the software does not seem to recognize the hardware lock, then you may need to reinstall the drivers.)

Note To Existing PONDS 3.2 Users

Existing PONDS 3.2 users have the option of upgrading to PONDS 3.3, or downloading the last version of PONDS 3.2.

PONDS 3.2 uses the HASP 4 software lock, as opposed to the HASP HL software lock which is used by PONDS 3.3. If you are not sure which version of PONDS to download, check your hardware lock to see what version of the hardware lock you have.

PONDS 3.2 users will not be able to access the newer modules found in PONDS 3.3 (Nitrogen/Phosphorous Loading and Stormwater Reuse modules). Support for PONDS 3.2 is being phased out, and future upgrades of PONDS 3.2 may not be available.

Windows HTML Help

Some of the help files for PONDS utilize the Windows HTML Help Engine. Microsoft is no longer including this help format in recent releases of Windows (such as Windows Vista), but it can be installed as an add-on. You can download the installation file for the Windows HTML Help Engine (HTMLHELP.exe) in the software downloads section of our website, or visit www.microsoft.com.