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PONDS 3.3 Application Suite

The PONDS 3.3 Application Suite provides a family of applications for the analysis of common stormwater design problems, including:

  • Refined Method - generate/route several types of hydrographs with/without infiltration; and background seepage
  • Underdrain Analysis
  • Side/Bottom Filter Analysis
  • Vertical Cylindrical Filter (VVRS) Analysis
  • Swale and Overland Flow Analysis
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pre-Post Loading Analysis
  • Stormwater Reuse Pond Modeling

The Application Suite runs under the Windows NT/ME/2000/XP platforms and replaces previous PONDS releases: version 2.26 for DOS, version 3.0 and 3.1 for Windows, the standalone PONDS 3.2 Refined Method Analysis and the PONDS 3.2 Application Suite.

The PONDS 3.3 Application Suite requires the use of the HASP-SRM hardware lock (USB only). This is a new lock used by Devo Engineering starting March 2008.

This file contains the most recent installation set for the PONDS 3.3 Application Suite (now with Windows 10 driver support).

  • File name: PONDS33.zip
  • File size: 41.3 MB
  • Update: June 27, 2017


  • Refined Method Analysis version 3.3.0278
  • Underdrain Analysis version 3.3.0051
  • Side/Bottom Filter Analysis version 3.3.0033
  • Vertical Cylindrical Filter Analysis 3.3.0025
  • Channel and Overland Flow 3.3.0029
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loading Calculator 3.3.0115
  • Stormwater Reuse Module 3.3.036

PONDS 3.2 Application Suite

  • File name: PONDS32.zip
  • File size: 27.1 MB
  • Update: September 17, 2013

Note to PONDS 3.2 users. The latest installation set for PONDS 3.2 fixes an incompatibility with Norton Antivirus (and some other antivirus software). The hardware lock software has been updated to resolve this problem. Please download and install the latest update of PONDS 3.2 if you are experiencing problems related to your antivirus software. Symptoms include if the buttons in the PONDS 3.2 application director are grayed out, which can occur if the PONDS executables have been deleted (such as by an antivirus software). Note that this problem is caused by an incompatibility in the hardlock software and not due to an actual virus.

StormTech Stage-Area Calculator.

Freeware Utility to calculate stage versus area relationship of StormTech infiltration chambers for use in Refined Method Module of PONDS 3.2 or other stormwater software

Conversion of SFWMD Borehole Test to Hydraulic Conductivity.

Approximation of Soil Hydraulic Conductivity from SFWMD Open Borehole Test

Design Aid for Pervious Pavement

This Excel design aid is a public record and is posted for the convenience of design engineering. This Design Aid is a "draft" Beta version that is subject to revision. Comments should be sent via e-mail to Christopher.Kuzlo@swfwmd.state.fl.us or Hank.Higginbotham@swfwmd.state.fl.us as noted in the disclaimer box near the bottom of the introduction tab

  • File name: design_aid_for_pervious_pavement.xls
  • File size: 484 KB

Excel file for Infinite Slope Stability Analysis of Pond Berms

  • File name: Infinite_Slope_Stability_Analysis.xls
  • File size: 27,136 bytes

Microsoft HTML help system update.

Hardlock driver.

Required when running PONDS software on the Windows NT or Windows 2000 operating systems.